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Leader in FRP

The industry leader in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) since 1960, Ershigs is recognized for delivering the highest quality of corrosion resistant products and services worldwide. Maintaining a long history of unmatched products and services, Ershigs is distinguished by expert design/engineering, quality manufacturing and professional installation of custom products. And, the service doesn’t end there – we follow up after project completion and deliver turnkey solutions for your maintenance needs & future modifications. Save time, save money – get the job done by the true industry professionals.

As technology changes, Ershigs continues to innovate and lead the pack in industrial FRP product design, manufacturing and installation. The scale of products & projects can be massive and manufacturing can be arranged on site or large scale modules & equipment can be barged or shipped to your facility, as needed. We go where you need us.

Continued innovation, knowledge, craftsmanship, experience and support are key factors for working with the dedicated team at Ershigs, and:

  • Master craftsmanship from concept to product installation & specialty construction are second to none
  • Delivering custom and expertly engineered products of precision and quality
  • Expert manufacturing on our site or yours
  • Effective product training, support and follow up on every project
  • Projects are turnkey, fully serviced and supported
  • Longevity of industrial innovation, knowledge and performance

Key industries served, are:

Power/Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)
Metals & Mining
Pulp & Paper
Chemical Processing
Industrial Water/Waste Water