Ershigs, Inc. is a progressive and innovative leader in design/engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation of corrosion-resistant equipment and systems of fiberglass reinforced plastics, FRP.

The company serves numerous industries, including: Power/FGD, Pulp and Paper, Metals and Mining, Chemical Processing, Industrial Water and Waste Water, and Semiconductor. Ershigs’ custom FRP products include shop tanks, piping, StoplineTM abrasion resistant piping, ductwork, process vessels, and stacks. Ershigs is the leading North American supplier of field wound FRP chimney liners, ductwork, scrubber shells, and field tanks used in FGD service and other industries. In addition to the corrosion industries served by Ershigs FRP Division, Ershigs Metal Division provides a range of steel pipe supports and custom fabricated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products and installation for industries to include marine, food service, and architecture.

The Ershigs organization operates with four manufacturing plants located in Bellingham, Washington; Grand Bay, Alabama; Ridgefield, Washington; Iuka, Mississippi. In addition, Ershigs is a recognized Specialty Contractor with mobile FRP field winding operations and the capability and experience in managing onsite construction and manufacturing projects.

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