Duct Systems

Ershigs Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Ductwork is your answer to conveying critical fumes within your facility. Ershigs FRP duct systems have a long history in industries such as Power, FGD, Metals and Mining, Semiconductor, Pulp & Paper, Chemical Processing and Odor Control.

Ershigs designs and manufactures complete duct systems to include the ductwork, hoods, dampers, anchors, hangers, guides and expansion joints. Cylindrical sizes designed, manufactured and assembled in our facility include duct and components from 4” ID  through 16’ID. Standard dimensions can be found in Ershigs FRP Pipe, Duct and Fittings Engineering Guide And Specifications EPS-07. While the cylindrical duct configurations are the most economical, Ershigs can also design and manufacture rectangular ductwork, custom fittings and rectangular to round transitions.

Ershigs also has the unique capability of designing and manufacturing large scale ductwork systems 18’ID through 48’ID either at your jobsite or from one of our manufacturing facilities which provide barge delivery if your facility has water access.

Similar to our other composite products, FRP Duct systems require very little maintenance and never need external painting. Proper FRP material selection, expert design and minimal maintenance requirements produce an FRP duct system with the lowest life-cycle costs for our customers.

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