June 11, 2013Ershigs Provides FRP Composite Tower for First North American Offshore Wind Turbine

Bellingham, WA June 11, 2013 – Ershigs, Inc., division of Denali Incorporated, provided a 1/8th scale fiberglass composite tower for launch last week into the Penobscot River near Brewer Maine. The 65 foot tall turbine prototype named “VoturnUS 1:8”  is the first offshore, grid connected floating wind turbine deployed off the coast of North America. Ershigs is one of 30 industrial members of the team, led by University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center, that participated in a launch ceremony on May 31st. The VolturnUS  1:8 is a scale model of a full sized 6 megawatt (MW) turbine with a 423-foot rotor diameter design on top of a 270-foot high fiberglass composite tower.  For additional information contact:  Steve Hettick, Ershigs V.P. Manufacturing, at (360)733-2620 or shettick@ershigs.com.