Large Diameter Tanks & Vessels

When it comes to processing and storing Corrosive Gases and Liquids, Ershigs has been designing and delivering a multitude of technologies and processes for developing the most effective project solutions available. Our company excels in large diameter on-site manufacturing and installation of tanks and vessels – we are the industry pioneers in large diameter tanks since 1972.

Distinguished by a masterful team of engineers, construction and installation professionals, you can count on Ershigs to deliver on every aspect of your project objectives. Recognized as a leading Specialty Contractor, Ershigs evaluates each project and understands each jobsite is unique – and we implement unique solutions for the success of your field tank project.

Ring E-Blation™

Large Diameter Tanks & Vessels (20)

  • Diameters: 16 to 57 feet
  • Minimized field construction
  • Cost effective
  • No site environmental air permits needed
  • Short project schedules

Barge Shipping 

Large Diameter Tanks & Vessels (14)

  • Diameters: 16 to 50 feet
  • Vessels completely assembled in Ershigs’ shop
  • No FRP field construction
  • Lower customer construction management
  • Eliminates site environmental air permit considerations
  • Eliminates site assembly space consideration
  • Shortest project schedule

Field Wound Tanks 

  • Diameters: 16 to 120 feet
  • Numerous tanks with common diameter
  • Vessels taller than 50 feet
  • Vessels too thick for Ring E-blationTM
  • Minimizes shell joints
  • Environmental air permit typically required
  • Project schedule must include time to set-up mobile winding equipment
Large Diameter Tanks & Vessels (13)
Large Diameter Tanks & Vessels (2)
Download Large Diameter FRP Field Tanks and Vessels Brochure