Ershigs Specialty Construction & Maintenance Solutions

With a longstanding background in all phases of large industrial facility construction and a pioneering history in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic composites, Ershigs occupies a unique position in the industry. Recognized as a leading Specialty Contractor, Ershigs evaluates each project and understands each jobsite is unique – and we implement unique solutions for the success of your FRP installation.

Whether we manufacture all components of your project in one of our five facilities in the U.S. and Canada, or we manufacture on-site, when Ershigs single-source and design-build capabilities are utilized – full project responsibility is in the hands of the experts at Ershigs. FRP assembly and joint work is not difficult, but it is different than using traditional construction materials. Ershigs involvement in the handling, joining, support installation, mechanical joining and onsite quality control provides you with a focus based around FRP composites and provides a clear path for an on-time completion and single source warranty coverage for your important project.

Maintenance Projects

In order to promote optimum efficiency during the life of any facility, routine maintenance is necessary. Maintenance projects include inspection and upkeep, as well as periodic upgrades and improvements to composite systems. For corrosive environments specifically, inspections and maintenance result in reduced down time and prevent unplanned interruptions to your production. Ershigs’ commitment to the longevity of their products is unrivaled in the industry.

Ershigs is experienced at working with maintenance personnel to schedule and plan work according to the needs of each client. We offer plant operations managers and maintenance personnel an on-going partnership for technical support, upkeep, and upgrade requirements of their composite systems. It has been our experience that plant improvements are most cost effective when conducted concurrently with other maintenance requirements.