For over 40 years, Ershigs has been expertly designing, fabricating, manufacturing and installing FRP stacks for corrosive applications. Industries such as Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining, Chemical Processing and Power & FGD successfully utilize FRP Stacks in process systems in which FRP has superior corrosion resistance – compared to metallic stacks or where FRP is more economical than the stainless, titanium and high nickel alloy alternatives.

Ershigs designs, manufactures and installs custom FRP Stacks for a wide range of configurations and conditions to include:

  • Shop sizes ranging from 24″ID through 20’ID and up to 400′ in height.
  • Field sizes ranging from 18’ID through 45’ID.
  • Free Standing, Guide Support and Steel Cage Options
  • Cylindrical Breeching or Rectangular Breeching
  • Filament wound, contact molded and infusion construction
  • Conductive inside surface for electrostatic protection
  • Wind strakes if required
  • Incorporation of grounding lugs and lightening protection lugs
  • Incorporation of CEMs ports
  • Ladders, Platforms and Manways
  • Insulated Option
  • Moisture collection system if required

Chimney Liners

As an industry pioneer, Ershigs has designed and manufactured over 60 field wound FRP chimney liners for the Power & FGD and Mining industries. Ershigs designed and manufactured our first field wound FRP chimney liner in 1975 and it remains in operation today.

FRP Is The Material Of Choice For Chimney Liners, Due To:

  • Superior corrosion resistance in wet acid and elevated chloride environments
  • Ease of installation by experienced chimney contractors
  • Lower installed cost, compared to high nickel alloys and borosilicate glass block alternatives
  • FRP has the lowest maintenance cost of all chimney liner materials

Ershigs field wound chimney liners range from 45 feet in diameter and reach heights of 1,200 feet. Configurations and options include those listed under the stack category above. We also have the unique ability to barge transport these large FRP Chimney Liners from two North American locations if the installation facility is on an accessible waterway.

Stacks & Chimney Liners

At Ershigs, you find the highest quality products, and a highly skilled team with knowledge and experience to provide you the best project solutions and applications.

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